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Some great feedback for BFT class members…

Simon, a Breakfast Kettlebell Club regular

“Since joining BFT, I have seen huge improvements in my overall fitness, strength and power for Muay Thai. The classes are fun, with enough variety to stay interesting. Gavin is a great teacher, who explains the various Kettlebell techniques in a way that is easy to understand.”


Jodie who attends Monday Didsbury class and a Chorlton runner leader

“Having just completed my 4th class with you I just wanted to say thank you Gavin for kicking my booty….. I’ve managed to knock 90 seconds off my 5k parkrun time since joining you guys!”


Rachel,who is a BFT regular stated the following regarding the BFT 8 Week Program:

“I’ve now done 3-4 of the 8 week programmes and for me it is now a way of life. The focus on nutrition has really helped me to think about what I’m eating and when and becomes really simple and easy once you get the hang of it! That in turn helped with the training as there have been days where I haven’t eaten enough and it showed in the training.

I’ve managed to make significant progress in terms of kettlebell weights and that is due to these focused programmes but also the push you get from Gavin both in class and through the dedicated Facebook page plus the other members of the class. If you’re hesitating then please just give it a try as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, plus we are a really friendly bunch and support each other and most of all we have fun! I’m not sure many people can say that about training!”


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