Asian Blast

Intro This is another which will wake you up in the morning, I sometimes make then in between teaching classes. Be careful with the sea salt because can be hard to drink if use too much. What you need Lime juiced Pink Himalayan sea salt (can by online or health food shops) Kale Spinach Chilli […]


Carrot Explosion

Intro Love this & again it underlines the importance of not juicing and the great benefits of mixing everything together. You could try some intresting and different carrots, I like the organic purple ones. Nice!!! What you need 1 whole orange (try blood one) Peeled 2 medium carrots Peeled 1-inch knob fresh ginger peeled and […]


Beetroot Zinger

Intro Wow this will wake you up in the morning and is jam packed full of nutrients, this is one of my favourites. What you need Small beetroot chopped into small pieces Small piece of fresh ginger Small glug of apple cider vinegar Celery stick Water and ice How to do it  Place it all […]

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