Mag’s Chicken Curry

Introduction This recipe was created by one of my nutrition clients. She had amazing skills at creating great Fakeaways. This was one of her staples, that didn’t involve blowing her calories. A good quality non-stick pan significantly reduces oil consumption; the smallest amount of extra oil is then needed – pump spray bottle, pastry brush […]


Vegan roasted chickpea curry

You absolutely don’t need to be vegan to enjoy this recipe. It is super easy and highly tasty!! Ingredients 2/3 cans of drained chickpeas Sesame seed oil (tablespoon) Cumin seeds (teaspoon) Grated ginger (thumb sized) Garlic cloves chopped (2/4 cloves) Carton of passata or tin of tomatoes Can of coconut milk Tandoori masala (tablespoon) Curry […]

Nasi Goreng curry recipe

Post-Training Nasi Goreng

Introduction “Nasi Goreng” which literally means “fried rice” in Indonesian. This popular dish is usually cooked with a whole egg. Various meat, fish and veg can be added, vegan or vegetarian versions can also be made. I made this version with black rice. Which is a delicious, highly nutritious and great form of carbohydrates. Pre-cooked […]

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