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Shopping list essentials

Here is a list of foods that I recommend and should make up a majority of the food you eat.

Dairy (Organic if possible)

Yoghurt, Butter & Milk is all ok. This is individuals preference and obviously needs to be avoided if have any intolerances. Stay away from sweetened Yoghurt and would go for natural stuff instead. These foods are a great source of calcium and protein.

Meat & Fish

I try and go for the best quality stuff. (free range and organic if you can). Try and have a serving or two of oily fish per week.

Tofu & Soya

If you are vegetarian or vegan then these are a vital way to get nutrients that will often be missed from a meat-free diet. Also great for meat eaters who want to cut down on the amount of meat they eat.


Chia, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame (soak them in yoghurt or coconut milk for an awesome breakfast or snack)

Nuts (butter & whole)

There are so many nut butters on the market now just be careful and look for the good quality stuff with no added sugar or other hidden nasties. Shelled nuts are great if you have a sweet tooth and fall foul of chocolate. Just be careful how much you eat, you can still overeat healthy food.


Fruit sometimes gets a bad reputation because of its sugar content. Yes, it consists of sugar but not all sugar is equal or bad. Just like anything don’t go overboard, try and vary fruit to get a good mix of nutrients.  Try fruit you never normally eat.


The list of veg is enormous and so should be your consumption of them. Each different colour of vegetables holds different nutrients, so just like fruit mix the variety up. Most of your diet should consist of vegetables.


Tick every box: cheap highly nutritious, tasty, versatile and loads of other good reasons to eat them. Just stay away from the caged ones, that just wrong. Free range all the way.

Beans, pulses & Legumes

Chickpeas, Kidney beans, Peanuts (yeap not a nut at all), black beans, lentils are to name just a few. Good source of fibre, protein, vitamins & minerals). Try in curry, salad and soups. Also, a great source of carbohydrates and can be used in place of rice or pasta.

Herbs & Spices

Life would be pretty boring without these. They can add an explosion flavour and nutrients an make most meals amazing. Keyword is experiment.

Coconut oil or goose/duck fat.

Yes, they hold lots of fat but you are only going to use a little. Use these to cook with instead of processed vegetable oils.

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