These instructional videos are to be used to help you understand how to conduct KB exercises effectively. They are aimed at anyone who would like to learn KB techniques properly and get the most out of them to reach their fitness goals. This can include people who only train at home, use kb at the gym or even fitness professionals who would like to improve their techniques to train others. I would always recommend that fitness professional conduct a reputable KB certification course, but these videos can help you on KB practical journey.

I would recommend watching the video digest the information and then try the techniques for yourself. It is advisable to spend time practising the techniques and once you feel more confident, move the series. Some of the techniques in these videos are more complicated than others and some techniques will take more time to master than others.

Kettlebell training should always be conducted in a safe place away from hazards and children. BFT advises that you seek advice from a doctor before performing any of the kettlebell exercises in this document. BFT does not take responsibility for any injury which may result in performing exercises in these videos.

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebell training is a fantastic way to strengthen & condition your body. A full-body workout can be conducted by only requiring one piece of equipment. Perfect for home workouts during lockdown period.

“The BFT videos are a fantastic resource. My life doesn’t allow for regular attendance at classes so it’s great to be able to use these whenever I have time. The videos are clear and simple and Gav explains the exercises in detail making it easy to follow.” Corrine. 

1. Warm up

2. Basic KB Techniques

3. Next Level KB Techniques

4. Technical KB Techniques

5. Core Specific

6. Turkish Get up

7. Warm Down

8. Simple Kettlebell Complex Session

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