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I can hear you now, porridge. “We dont need a recipe for that it comes in a pack and just pop it in the microwave”. Well there is another way. To be honest im not a massive fan of porridge for breakfast unless im training in the afternoon. I have it sometimes before a hard training session or sometimes as a mid afternoon snack.

What you need
  • Cup of rolled whole oats (the natural ones with no rubbish added)
  • Honey (not too much now)
  • Nuts (up to you which ones I like are the mixed chopped ones)
  • A few chopped prunes or dates
  • Good spoonful of good quality coconut oil
  • Tea spoon of flax or linseed
  • About cup of water and milk (but you can use almond milk in its place if you like.
How to do it
  1. On a very low heat cook oats with the water, dried fruit, lin or flax seeds & coconut oil for about 4 mins
  2. Add milk and cook for about another 2mins
  3. Add honey and nuts and serve
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