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I have been making this soup for years. Its quick, easy, cheap and tasty. Think first starting making it as a snack when friends came round. The pesto takes it to a pretty special place. My kids really like it too which is a bonus. As usual the key is in the stock and always best to make your own. You will need a blender and food processor.

What you need
  • Red Peppers 2/3
  • Garlic 2/6cloves (depending how garlicky you want it)
  • Red Onion (1 large)
  • Chickpeas (1 can) or can use dried ones and soak & cook them.
  • Onion (1 large chopped)
  • Pasata (1 large bottle)
  • Veg stock (homemade if you can 1 pint)
For the pesto
  • Basil (Good handful 6/12 leaves, not dried it wont work)
  • Lemon (rind grated and juiced)
  • Olive Oil (good glug)
  • Parmesan Cheese (amount depends on individual taste)
  • Pepper
How to do it

1) Fry the chopped onions in a little oil until soft in large pan

2) add garlic and chopped peppers

3) add the chickpeas, pasata and stock.

4) Simmer for about 10/15mins then blitz in a food processor.

For the pesto

Add all the ingredients to a food processor and blitz.


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