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This is not for the faint hearted, its pretty tough but awesome.

You will need to be close to something you can hang from, like tree branch, railings or children’s climbing frame.

It needs to be high enough so you feet are slighting or not touching the ground.

I do this sometimes after a nice sprinting session.

How to do it?

As always warm up and then hang on your tree branch etc.

  • Then do 10 knee raises, keeping back straight and without swinging bring knees up to 90 degrees position. (rest 1 min)

  • Then do 5 straight legs, raise your legs until they reach 90 degrees. (rest 1 min)

  • Then do side to side knees (6 each side), raise knees again but bring the knees to the side. (rest 1 min)

  • If you feel powerful do it all again and repeat 1 or 2 more times. Boom!!!!!!!!

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