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Away with work, absolutely messes with your training schedule. But it does not have to. These short but sharp sessions will challenge and give great results.

Cardio Smasher

All depends on what equipment you have in the hotel gym. If your lucky enough to have a rowing machine and treadmill then this works great for the cardio session. If you don’t and the hotel does not have a gym there are alternative things you can do.

Cardio Session (With Gym Equipment)
  • Warm up with light jog on the treadmill.
  • The do 5 min on each piece of equipment, rest for 1min.
  • The intensity needs to be high and I recommend 30sec high intensity and 30sec low intensity. Eg: 30sec sprint: 30sec jog for the full 5 mins.
  • Rest then more on to rowing machine and do same again 5 mins 30secs high intensity and 30sec low intensity.
  • Get back on the treadmill and repeat and then one last row. Good warm down and stretch.
Cardio Session (Without Gym Equipment)
  • You will need skipping rope. Skip for 1 min and do 30secs mountain climbers repeat 5 times and more if your feeling hardcore.
Resistance Training (With Equipment)

Now, this all depends on how experienced you are with resistance training equipment. I would keep it very simple and if you not sure I would just stick with a cardio session. The weight to choose depends on experience and current training level. You should feel that on your tenth rep you are unable to conduct any more repetitions. Use dumbbells, a barbell or machines, depending on what the gym has to offer. Conduct 8-10 reps of each exercise, then rest for a max of 1 min in-between exercises. Repeat up to 3 times.

  • 10 Deadlifts
  • 10 Chest press
  • 10 Bent over row
  • 10 squats
  • 10 shoulder presses
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