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The following tips will help you on the right track this New Year and will help to combat body fat.

Tip 1)

Don’t eat untill you are full: This sounds very simple but is difficult in practice. All you need to do is stop eating while you are still hungry. This will stop you not only overeating but also feeling bloated and tired.

Tip 2)

Don’t leave long gaps between exercise sessions: You don’t need to train everyday to get great results but training frequently can certainly help. I have trained lots of people who will train really hard and come to every class for two weeks then I wont see them again for the next month and they stick with the cycle. Train often and hard and you will gain the results you want.

Tip 3)

Lift weights: There are so many benefits but here are a few. The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn – especially if you are exercising at the right intensity.Training with weights also provides benefits to posture and energy levels.

Tip 4)

Eat Clean: There are lots of weird and wonderful shakes, products and diets. These can be unrealsitc, expensive and difficult to maintain. However, eating unprocessed food can be a fantastic way to change the way you eat not only for a few weeks but forever with great fat loss results.

Tip 5)

Don’t over rely on training to get your results: At first this looks like a contradiction of tip 4 but it’s not. There is a saying that you can not exercise through a bad diet. You can in some occasions but a poor diet can leave you feeling tired and washed out if you are training hard. Also training on its own will not move stubben fat. Only good diet will achieve this. Eating Clean unprocessed food along with effective exercise will provide the result you want.

Tip 6)

Eat your greens: Green veg are packed full of Vitamins and minerals. Kale for example is packed full of vitamins and minerals including high levels A,C, K & Calcium and Iron.

Tip 7)

Lose fat for health and not vanity: So you have lost the fat you wanted you look great but you have no energy, your mood is low and you feel all out of sorts. Lots of the fitness models out there may look amazing but they are often dehydrate themselves and eat a very strict restricted diet before a shoot and probably feel awful!

Tip 8)

Don’t underestimate the link between emotions and food: If you have had a bad day at work or the kids have been hard work you may treat yourself with big bit of cake and big glass of wine and why not, you deserve it. Nothing wrong with treats but the process between linking food with our emotional state can happen more than we think and can distract you from your fat loss plans.

Tip 9)

Enjoy yourself not punish: Good healthy nutritious food does not have to make you unhappy. You don’t need to suffer by eating bland horrible food. Same goes for training, you don’t have to spend hrs on a treadmill in an overpriced gym full of attitude and posers. Find something you like doing and most of the time you will push yourself and work hard because you do enjoy it. Forget the new fad or craze do something that suits you.

Tip 10)

Prepare: If I was forced to put these tips into order of importance this would be tip number 1. Plan the training sessions you are going to conduct that week also plan what you are going to eat.

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