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The dreaded 3rd week in Jan, Monday was labeled as the most depressing days of the year and this week is classed as the week that most new year resolutions go out the window.
If you started Jan on a good foot and feel that motivation to train or kick diet is dying off then my advice is think of the bigger picture. You may want to lose those unwanted Christmas pounds, get yourself into a new routine, get fit for summer or generally want to improve your health.

Its all achievable but the best bit of advice I can share, is that whatever your goal you need to have a plan how you are going to get there. You also need to focus, work hard and most importantly be constant. If you are trying to get into your old jeans, develop muscle strength or improve fitness for a sporting event. It will take time to get there.
I have been supporting people to achieve their goals for over 16 years and a have observed a behaviour pattern throughout this time.

People usually fit into two camps, the patent ones who appritiate that their journey will be tough and wont happen overnight and the ones who want it to happen today. These people find the thought of waiting to achieve their goals frustrating and usually makes them anxious. I usually find that they have not full committed to the inital goal they want to achieve.

Do these people get where they are trying to go? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, all depends on how they approach it. But it usually takes them longer than the person who appritiates that the journay is tough, but if they keep moving forward they will get there.

I know this sounds like usual mumbo jumbo pop psychology and if I was reading it I would think the same thing. But what I have found interesting working with people as a Counsellor, Youth Worker, Martial Artist, Teacher, Employability Worker and Personal Trainer.

The goal may be different but the focus, internal belief and hard work it takes to get there is still the same. So I have gone all round the houses to try and pass on this simple message, if you have a fitness goal, consistency is the real key of getting there.

If you miss a session, or if your eating plan goes to pot then get back on it and be consistent. It may take time but keep focusing on what your trying to achieve and you will get there.

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