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1) Helps to build strong core:

So how does kettlebell training significantly develop core muscles? It is all to do with how the weight is balanced and the functional movements that are conducted. Key KB exercises like Press, Swing, Snatch, Turkish Get Up and Windmill require significant core recruitment.

2) Aids Mobility:

To have good mobility has lots of advantages, having good mobility keeps you feeling young and can help you reduce your chance of injury, which is vital for anyone who conducts sports.

The KB swing requires significant hip mobility to conduct the exercise effectively. I have taught lots of people who have tight hip flexors and struggle conducting squat movement but after a few weeks of regular KB training this has significantly improved so they are able to go through a full range of motion.

One of the biggest advantages of improving mobility is being able to move effectively and with ease, which keeps us young. Having poor mobility in later life can seriously affect your health. More and more research is indicating that poor level of mobility is linked to early death.

3) Involves Level of Skill:

Exercises like the swing, turkish get up and snatch involve mastering form and technical ability, and this creates interest and therefore keeps Kettlebell training a more interesting form of exercise, compared to others. Most people who I have trained over the years start using kettlebells because they want to try something a bit different, lose weight etc. They often start to adapt their goals.  These may include becoming more stronger or having better swing or being able to press more weight.

A form of exercise that has depth, really helps to aid people’s results and before they know it, they have a few more extra goals they want to achieve. It took me 4 years and specific training from the man who invented the Turkish Get up for me to master it. I still feel that I have more work to do to perfect it and that’s what keeps me interested and pushing me harder to achieve my goals.

Because of the skill required I would recommend that people seek guidance from a trained Kettlebell instructor from a reputable organisation.

4) Time saver:

Kettlebells can be great for conducting a very effective workout in a small amount of time. I run short classes that are only 30mins long. This is adequate amount of time to get a respectable work out.  Most KB exercises require a recruitment of many muscles. This gives KB training its reputation for being tough.

Also, sessions can develop strength whilst also conditioning the body. I used to spend long periods of time doing separate cardio sessions and a 10min kettlebell workout can challenge my cardio and muscles far more effectively and in a fraction of the time.

5) Helps your sport:

I currently do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and shoulder stability is vital to prevent injuries. Kettlebell movements like kettlebell press and turkish get-up are awesome for creating shoulder stability. I have also trained and helped runners and tri-athletes to smash their PB with the advantages that kettlebell training brings. One reason for this could be core, hip and hamstring strength developments that Kettlebell exercises like the swing can provide. A keen runner I know who teaches kettlebell classes has managed to smash a whopping 25mins off his marathon PB, he feels this is a direct result from his additional Kettlebell training.

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